Call A Towing Service If You Encounter These Tire-Related Problems

When your vehicle sends you an indicator that one of its tires is going flat — perhaps a sharp, sudden vibration from one corner of the car or a loud noise — you’ll need to pull over safely. If you’re comfortable with changing tires, you’ll likely plan to hop out, grab the spare tire and get the job done quickly so that you can get back on the road. It’s possible, however, that the situation could indeed be a flat tire, or it could be something that you can’t reasonably fix in your current location. In these instances, you’ll want to call a towing company for some roadside service to take the vehicle to your home or a local auto shop. Here are some issues that you might encounter. Flat Spare Tire If you don’t make a point of frequently checking the condition of your spare tire and filling it up with air, you might be in for a rude awakening when you pull the tire out of your trunk. If it feels squishy, it’s a clear sign that it’s Continue Reading →

2 Tire Pressure Maintenance Tips To Prevent Your Auto Trailer From Swaying

Finding a way to transport your car over a long distance can often be expensive and tiresome. Therefore, it is usually easier and more affordable to tow the car yourself with the help of an auto trailer. An auto trailer allows you to hitch your vehicle onto a larger vehicle in order for it to be transported. While truck towing an auto trailer can be fairly simple if you practice defensive driving, poor tire pressure maintenance can complicate the trip. Tires that are poorly maintained will often cause the auto trailer to sway as it is being driven. This is not only a safety hazard to other drivers on the road, but it can also cause your own vehicle to tumble over. Luckily, there are a few tire pressure maintenance tips that you can use to ensure that your auto trailer is ready for towing. Do not Over-inflate Your Tires Over-inflating the tires on your auto trailer and the vehicle that will be towing it does not make the tires stronger. Instead, this causes an imbalance that makes the tires weaker. Continue Reading →

Don’t Leave For Your Winter Driving Excursion Without Doing These Things First

If you are like some, there is no better way to beat the winter blues than to climb in your car and head off down the highway for a quick roadtrip to find something interesting to do or see. While winter driving excursions can always be a lot of fun, they can also lead to trouble. You never know when roadway conditions could drastically change leaving you either stranded or involved in a minor accident. While there will always be towing services happy to help, it is always best to be prepared so you can avoid issues if at all possible, and stay safe if there is a problem. Before you take off on your quick trip in the coldest months, make sure you are fully prepared for the unexpected happenings that the winter season could bring to you as a driver. Take a good look at your spare and make sure you have tire-problem necessities.  Get out your spare tire before you take off and look it over. Make sure you don’t see any signs of damage and the Continue Reading →